message from Lake Hartwell Association President

Dear LHA Members,
Reduced Flows Update
As you know, LHA has been asking elected officials to urge the Corps to maintain reduced flows from
Thurmond Dam (from 3600cfs to 3100cfs) during extreme drought conditions or at least until adverse impacts
were reported. Several legislators and other leaders have contacted the Corps in support of the flow reductions. 

In spite of these efforts, the Corps announced it would end the 3100cfs flow reductions on 1 February. 

In response, Mike Massey, LHA Legislative Chair for South Carolina, sent an email to US Congressman Gresham 
Barrett (SC) asking him look into the “inconclusive” data used to justify increasing flow rates to 3600cfs. 
Congressman Barrett investigated and shared his findings in a letter that is now posted on the LHA website.  
Please read his letter in its’ entirety to gain an understanding of the role that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Agency (NOAA) Marine Fisheries Service plays in the Corps management of our precious water resources.

Action Requested
Members are encouraged to contact Mary Glackin, Deputy Under Secretary for NOAA, at (202) 482-4569 
or email her at, to inform NOAA of the adverse impacts of their decision to increase
Thurmond Dam flow rates and to enlist their support for reduced flows during Extreme Drought conditions. 

Please share this email with  friends and neighors and encourage them to contact NOAA and also their elected officials.

To send a note of thanks to Congressman Barrett for his support to date, please click on this link to his official website.

We will keep you posted on any further significant developments.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support!  
       Herb Burnham
       LHA President