aim misquote

An article in the Anderson Independent on January 14 expressed my views well except for one portion of my quote. I didn’t say I support more cuts, I said I support more deregulation that could save money. see below:

State Sen. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson, said the Legislature had not yet addressed the situation, but there may be additional cuts.

“Well, you know, the districts are trying to put some fear in teachers like it’s going to effect them. But classroom instruction is the last thing to be cut,” he said. “We may even get to $1 billion in cuts. … I’ve been telling my constituents that the legislature’s been spending way too much money over the past years. Pork won over principal, and here we are today.”

Moves made by the Legislature last year to eliminate Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test exams should save school districts money, Bryant said. But he said he advocates further cuts deregulation.

“We’re spending nearly $12,000 per student per year, and the money’s just not getting to the kids,” he said.