tys (told you so)

Since the beginning, I’ve been telling ya’ll we’ve got to quit spending and making obligations that we can’t afford in the future. I began this blog in 2005 after first being elected. I quickly learned of the overflow of cash comming into the coffers of the state. Instead of spending every penny that come’s in, why not build up trust funds and make one time improvements on our roads?

It’s not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem as I have been telling you this: Here05.04.17Here05.06.17Here05.12.14Here06.21.06
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Tax revenue down, comptroller says from the Charleston Post and Courier

COLUMBIA — South Carolina Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom said Thursday that tax collections fell by as much as 3 percent in July.

Eckstrom said he expects the state’s financial leaders on Tuesday will set aside a state reserve account to head off future shortfalls from a weak economy. And he said he expects the state will set aside money from agency budgets.

Eckstrom said data he reviewed showed that state income tax refunds in July increased by about $27 million from year-ago levels.