i believe we’re going to court

A predicted court challenge has been issued on the “I Believe” license tag recently passed by the Legislature. As you know, Governor Sanford did not sign this bill, yet allowed it to pass into law without his signature citing the court challenge would occur. Senator Yancy McGill (D-Williamsburg) introduced this bill and I signed on as a cosponsor. The problem I have with this lawsuit is that the state is not forcing this plate on anyone, simply offering it as a choice. I can’t imagine how this license plate can be interpreted as the establishment of Religion and unconstitutional. Besides, the constitutional amendment referring to the establishment of religion is directed towards congress, not the states. Unfortunately, liberal activist judges have stretched the first constitutional amendment requirement to apply to all government entities.Interestingly, I’ve been approached by 2 news outlets from Yew York concerning this issue on 3 occasions. The NY Times called twice (once on 06.19.08 and quoted me)

I guess I’d have to admit I could support a plate for the Jewish community, yet would be very uncomfortable with a plate for scientology. This is inconsistent, I’ll admit. Anyhoo, this issue is out of our hands, so let’s wait and see what the courts and Attorney General Henry McMaster decide.

I couldn’t find a picture of the South Carolina plate, but here’s a sample of what we may see on Florida plates: