you’ve got to hear this, the best political ad of the season

Another real life adventure of Ken and Barbie. Hey Barbie, how did you get that new job with Anderson County? I met this real nice man at the bar I worked at. Well, what’s your job? I’m not sure, but we’re going to Myrtle Beach this weekend for economic development. They even gave me a credit card. Really? I think I’m really gonna like this job. I get free travel all over the country. A free car, free gas, free food, and even free booze! Man, do you think I could get one of those jobs? I don’t think so, I was told they needed more ladies to work for the county’s remote economic development. I heard they’re hiring 25 more as soon as the new budget and new tax increases pass. I’m Eddie Moore, and if elected to District 3 County Council, I will vote to stop the party that is going on with your tax dollars. Paid for by Eddie Moore. Find out more, at