dual water rates, annexation amendments ruled out of order

I offered 2 amendments relating to publicly owned utilities and the customers they serve outside of the municipal boundaries.
1-The Public Service Commission (PSC) may have jurisdiction over utility rates if the customer is outside the political boundary and if the customer is being charged a different rate than that of customers within the boundary.

2-Publicly owned utilities will not be allowed to force customers to sign an annexation agreement before having services connection.Since it has been impossible to get the bills I’ve introduced moving, I am forced to seek vehicles that I can amend. It is a stretch that H. 4745 was related. The amendments were to be ruled “non-germane” according to rule 24-A, therefore I was forced to withdraw the amendments. Perhaps we can see justice for these constituents being taken advantage of in the future.

I’ve been determined to follow through on this inequality since I learned of these practices several years ago. You may like to see this post (annexation manipulation) and this one (American Concrete gets tread on).