media at its usual liberal slant

As usual, the bias in the liberal media shows its true colors with this headline: “Anti-abortion license plates unveiled for SC cars” in today’s La-Socialista (The State). We all know it’s not anti-anything that drives us conservatives in the General Assembly. It is our pro-life wish to honor the sanctity of life.
On a related issue, Governor Sanford will hold a ceremonial event for the already signed bill calling for ultrasounds to be offered to expectant patients wishing for an abortion. We all know that the viewing of an ultrasound gives women in desperate situations information for a more informed choice. As many as 85% of women that view an ultrasound chose to honor the dignity of the child and carry the child to term.

true immigration passes the senate, goes to house for concurrence

Let’s hold our breath and wait. The Senate gave third and final reading to H. 4400 on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 with the amendment described in the previous post on Thursday, May 23, 2008. This is indeed the strongest immigration law passed by any state in the United States of America, including Arizona and Oklahoma. Now the only thing stopping this bill from getting to Governor Sanford’s desk is the SC House of Representatives. If the SC House votes to “concur” it goes straight downstairs. If the SC House votes to “non-concur” then the bill goes to a conference committee. Seeing that we only have 4 more days of this session, I hope our friends in the SC House can vote to “concur”.

independent mail voter guide info

banner1_masthead.jpgWe completed and submitted our information on the Anderson Independent Mail’s voter guide. Don’t know why, but my picture does not appear even though I tried to upload it. Maybe we broke the server! I’ve always tried to maintain a consistency in communicating my platform, let me know what you think. To read:    click