Are these workers here legally?


Interestingly, this week the Senate has made efforts to pass meaningful immigration reform for the 4th time and what-do-you-know, we have foreign workers on the back steps of the Statehouse. Unable to speak English, we don’t know if these workers are legal. If they are, I’m all for their privilege to live here, work here, and participate in our wonderful quality of life. But at this time, we don’t know. Palmetto Scoop and Fits News have posed this  question so I’ve asked the Clerk’s office to research this matter. This contract is the obligation of the Budget & Control Board (you know the one we’re trying to abolish). The contractor has confirmed that all of his employees confirm to the law. I’d like to know what documents are being used to verify the legality. Are these workers United States Citizens, verified with e-verify, or verified with  an i9. Ya’ll remember an i9 is a worthless document full of loopholes.
I don’t know if we can force the contractor to tell us, but we’ll continue to pursue and get you some answers. I’ve put in a request to find out the documentation of these workers. I’ll let ya’ll know our findings.