ultrasound bill signed by Gov. Sanford


For Immediate Release
May 15, 2008

Bryant Comments on Signing of Ultrasound Bill

Columbia, SC – Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) offered the following comments today concerning the Governor’s recent signing of the “Ultrasound Bill” (H.3355).

“By the Governor signing this bill the state has taken a giant step in the right direction in recognizing the sanctity of human life. This bill will allow women to make a more informed choice about decisions related to their pregnancy.”

Senator Bryant was the first to introduce legislation similar to the bill Governor Sanford signed, which establishes a sixty-minute waiting period after an ultrasound is performed before an abortion can take place. The bill also requires that patients be informed of their right to view the ultrasound. Under the Informed Consent Law a woman has the right to view the ultrasound while it is being performed as well as any time during the newly established sixty-minute waiting period.  

The bill took effect upon the Governor’s signature. ###