PACT & its horrible replacement test killed


Columbia SC – Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test was pronounced dead today in the chamber of the South Carolina Senate. PACT was 10 years old and resided at 1429 Senate Street in Columbia. PACT’s life was in jeopardy since 2006 as Superintendent of Education Jim Rex issued a death threat upon election. Dr. Rex backed down from this threat, yet several members of the Legislature took up the assassination task. Sen. Greg Ryberg, an avid enemy of PACT wasn’t willing to cooperate until he was convinced that PACT would never be replaced with an even greater bully of our teachers and kids. Sen. Ryberg chose to kill EMSAP, another proposed test, at the same time. With a double barrel shotgun over his shoulder, Sen. Ryberg said “…Replacing PACT with EMSAP is like swapping Capone for Dillinger…I chose to kill them both”. The body will be prepared at Conference Committee Mortuary and then buried in the Sanford Cemetery in the Lower Level of the Statehouse. Details of the funeral will be published as they develop.