immigration again, is time on our side?

Immigration is on the front burner again for the 4th time this session. Here’s what we have before us. H. 3032 was improved by the SC House last week to call for e-verify for all employers in the state. E-verify is the best verification we have at this time. E-verify is an online federal verification system with an accuracy of over 90%. The House also took out the new concept of SC-Verify, which I had my doubts about when the Senate created this system. I voted against the stinky version of H. 3032 previously when it was in the Senate because of SC-Verify and its limited application to new hires. H. 3032 still only applies to new hires, so it still has flaws. Additionally, there are some defects with the enforcement in the House’s amended version of H. 3032.

This bill cannot be amended by the Senate. We only have one vote; to concur. There are some defects with enforcement, however, if we succeed in the vote to concur, the bill is on the fast-track straight downstairs for the Governor’s signature. I understand there may be a motion to re-commit the bill to committee. This is a farce because why would anyone want to send a bill to committee that can’t be amended? A vote to re-commit is a sneaky way to kill immigration reform.

It looks like we’ll face another filibuster. Here’s the box we’re in. I think we have the votes to concur, yet garnering the votes to end a filibuster will be tough.

My commitment is that I will only vote to concur and will vote against any motion to adjourn. It may be a long time…