Door to Door Dog (d2d2)


I knocked on a few doors Monday morning and ran into this dog. This almost waist-high Great Dane evidently is a Republican since after a few sniffs greeted me with a lick on the hand. Good for me, because this guy could have eaten me if he wanted to. I think I introduce ya’ll to the k9’s I meet on the shoe leather trail.
It is very interesting to meet people at their home. So far, support for re-election seems to be strong. I’m hearing agreement with our positive message of reform, yet many folks are frustrated with the Republican Party as a whole. It’s not our platform, it’s the inability for elected Republicans to stick to the platform.
It is very simple. When you run for office, do what you say you’ll do after elected. Some may not agree with some of my votes or positions on issues, but no one has accused me of not keeping the promises made. I’ll continue to serve as a “straight-shooter” with my constituents.