on tv! Monday’s lunch at the Bagel Shop

Greenville’s channel 4, covered this public meeting about government transparency!
Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom called me this weekend with the unfortunate news of a death in his family. He will be attending a funeral Monday morning so he will be absent at our meeting on Monday at the Bagel Shop at noon. The Comptroller’s Chief of Staff, Nathan Kaminski, Jr., Esq. will be in Anderson at the Bagel Shop, however. As you may know already, the Comptroller’s office has offered to assist any local government with online reporting should my transparency proviso survive the SC House and the Budget Conference Committee.

another fight for immigration reform


Today, Sen. Jim Ritchie placed an objection on the whole calendar until another attempt is made at meaningful immigration reform. This means that the Senate will not take up any legislation until this matter is debated once again. We’ve found a new “vehicle” House bill H. 3032. Since this bill has passed the SC House already, we have the chance to beef up a piece of legislation, send it to the House. H. 3032 cannot amend this bill, only vote to “concur” or “non-concur”.
Sen. Ritchie has drafted a “strike-and-insert” amendment that inserts strict definitions of legal status of workers. I am also a sponsor of this amendment which will require all employers, whether State contract or not, to use either the e-verify or a SC drivers license to determine employees status. This is a great step in the direction of true immigration reform. A document called the “i9” is currently being used to verify status. This “i9” is virtually a joke (explained here), since the requirements to obtain an i9 are so lenient.