$249,925,878 special projects

We’ve examined the appropriations bill for anything labeled special project. At this point, the tally is $249,925,878.00. Click here to see the list yourself . While some of these special projects are certainly justifiable, ya’ll may agree there are some questionable items in a “lean” budget year. I’m disappointed in this year’s process. Sure, it’s much easier to apply across the board cuts, but that’s not how it’s done at the kitchen table when families toil their budget. We scrutinize each expenditure and decide priorities. I disagree with those that will call this is a pork free budget, but I guess “pork is in the eye of the beholder.” Other essential items not getting attention are state employee pay raises and new school busses. Several amendments where offered Tuesday with little accomplishments. We’ll try to tackle some of the problems on Wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed.