opposition for Sen. Danny Verdin

The Green party has lined up strong opposition for Sen. Danny Verdin (R-Laurens). Son of Norwegian immigrant, Lirpa Loof, has filed to run against Sen. Verdin. Working out of his home based lab in Clinton, Dr. Loof is an scientist for Sierra International, a firm base out of Seattle. Since Sen. Verdin is chairman of the SC Senate Agriculture, we can expect an interesting race. Stay Tuned!

we’re gonna stop stealing from inmates families


In a proposed budge proviso there will no longer be additional fees on collect calls made from our corrections pay telephones. Currently, when an inmate makes a collect call from a corrections facility, an extra fee is added. The recipient of the call must pay a higher price on a collect call from a prison than a regular collect call. So in essence, we are taking money from an inmate’s family and friends. Wouldn’t rehabilitation be enhanced if the inmate could talk to his family more? This generated $1.4 million for the state, yet seemed unfair to the families of those doing time.

budget provisos: prepaid tuition

Monday was my first day of the first year of the Finance Committee’s work on the budget. We went over several subcommittee reports and adopted most of the subcommittee’s recommendations on numerous provisos.
The tuition pre-payment program shall not accept any new participants. This was a good plan with good intentions. Because of higher ed’s reckless, unquenchable appetite for spending, tuition costs have been soaring through the roof, so it was a fiscally untenable plan. We will not take any new enrollees, yet a current participant won’t have to pay additional out of pocket money for the difference of the tuition escalation.