s. 1156 pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio

Medical Affairs sub-committee passed an amendment I introduced to S. 1156 that allows for a pharmacist to supervise up to 4 technicians with the stipulation that 1 of the techs be certified. In SC we have 2 types of pharmacy technicians: registered and certified. Registered technicians do not have training requirements, yet certified technicians to have educational standards. Also, certified techs also have certain tasks in a pharmacy they may perform, so we’ve got a pretty good standard here. I may get some resistance from the pharmacy board. They feel like my ratio is too lenient.  Y’all know my feelings on government regulations: they never work and are useless in most cases. Here are some reasons for my logic:
1-The public is better protected by market incentives. There are two factors that will force safety to be a priority. The health of their patients, and the devastating effects a mistake.
2-I have more faith in SC’s druggists that I do the General Assembly. The corner druggist is much more capable in determining how many techs he/she wants to staff than the Legislature.
3-Registered Pharmacy techs are in short supply. If we don’t enact this legislation, pharmacies will be limited in how many techs to hire, therefore, they will be understaffed, therefore, over burdened, therefore, open to more mistakes. My ratio actually protects the public more than a more stringent ratio.
4-Registered technicians are in high demand. Since the registered technician has more education and responsibilities, they have a greater chance of being hired even though the pay is usually better. My preference would be to staff more registered techs for this reason, but there are not enough available at this time.