American Red Cross Request

A good friend of mine, Barb Barnham, asked me to post this request:
This email is from the disaster staff at our Anderson Red Cross office, where I am a volunteer.  Getting a donated van would enhance our ability to respond to events in the region tremendously.  If you can take the time to add a comment on this link, it might help us to get this donated van.  THANKS!  Barb Barham                 
Hi everyone!
The Red Cross has applied for a grant from Hamburger Helper (My Hometown Helper project) for a shelter trailer for Anderson County.  The project request is posted on the grant website and we have the option to ask volunteers, community partners, etc to go to the website using the link below and make comments of support.
I’m not sure how big a part the comments play in the decision making process…we’ve never applied for a Hamburger Helper grant before.  But I’m asking you to please take just a few minutes of your time, go to the link below, and post a comment of support.  This would be a fantastic addition to our response capabilities here in Anderson and I’d really appreciate the few minutes of your time it would take to do this.
Thanks so much and please feel free to pass this on to others that may lend us their support as well!

My Hometown Helper- Hometown Project
Melise Chastain
Emergency Services Specialist
American Red Cross
Upstate SC Chapter
Anderson Service Center
115 Whitehall Rd.
Anderson, SC   29625