slabtown landfill proposed public hearing

There is a public hearing on the proposed Landfill on Tuesday, March 18th at 6:30 at Wren High School. Unfortunately, I will be in Columbia as the Senate will be in session. I have been working diligently with Councilman Ron Wilson, Representative Dan Cooper, and officials at the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Members of the Anderson County Legislative Delegation are trying our best to defeat the Hamlin Road Landfill Application simply because our community should not be blemished with this type of development. Also, there are environmental as well as economic problems with a landfill in this location.
The initial application was denied by DHEC based on several reasons. Since that time, environmental concerns regarding the wetlands have arisen from the US Corp of Engineers. DHEC’s denial was over-ruled by the Administrative Law Judge because of the inconsistency in Anderson County’s Solid Waste Plan.
Listed below are several different approaches that could prevent the Hamlin Road Landfill Application from being approved and the local legislative delegation are committed to working toward a resolution that is in the best interest of the citizens that call this area home.
· Councilman Wilson is working with the staff of Anderson County to address the concerns of the Administrative Law Judge.
· Zoning is another option, but the community is generally against zoning for obvious property rights infringements.
· Existing regulations require a 1,000-foot buffer from any residence for this type of landfill. The applicant obtained a right of way (easement) from a property owner closer to the site, but that owner has since moved and we understand that the new owner is not in agreement with the right of way.
· I have introduced two pieces of legislation in the SC Senate. S.1173, a Joint Resolution, calls for a statewide moratorium on landfill applications, however, this bill has met resistance from legislators in other areas in the state. The moratorium will be effective on existing applications that are pending before the department. Representative Cooper has introduced a companion bill in the SC House of Representatives, H.4762. Another bill I’ve introduced S.1173, also a Joint Resolution, will apply to the Hamlin Road Landfill only, but, there are constitutional problems with this approach.
It is my hope that this issue can be addressed in a way that will best serve the residents of the area.