re-election filing

On Sunday, March 16th, I filed with the Anderson County Republican Party Chairman, Lee Rogers to seek re-election for a 2nd term in the SC Senate.Here’s the press release we sent out last week: 

SC Senator Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) announced today his intentions to seek re-election for second term. Sen. Bryant also offers an open invitation to a reception, free of charge. The re-election kick-off will be at the Corner Bagel Shop in Anderson at 6pm on Monday, March 17th. Those wishing to attend may RSVP at


Bryant plans to continue his march toward reform. “We’ve seen some progress in Columbia over the last four years, but we’ve also seen a lot of resistance to change. The good-ole-boy system is a monster, and we’ve been rattling its cage.”


Bryant also made comments on some achievements. “I have been proud to contribute to victory on a number of issues such as defining marriage in our Constitution, getting tough with child predators, combating wasteful spending and returning more money to you-the folks who earned it in the first place.”