s. 1144 you spent what?

Update, we’ve introduced S. 1144 and talked about it here and here . Below is the press release by Gov. Sanford on his recent executive order to provide spending information to the public. S. 1144 calls for the same transparency to all other forms of government in South Carolina. It’s your money, take a look!


Gov. Sanford Announces Completion of Spending Transparency Web Site




Columbia, S.C. – March 3, 2008 – Gov. Mark Sanford today announced the completion of a new state Spending Transparency Web site, aimed at providing citizens with a greater degree of information about how their tax dollars are being used.


The site was created pursuant to a Spending Transparency Executive Order issued last year by the governor, and developed in concert with Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom’s office. The goal of the site, which can be found here, is to bring more accountability to where tax dollars are being spent. The site – which is freely accessible to the public – contains reports collected by the Comptroller General’s Office on all agencies’ funds expended and their source.


In addition, many agencies – including all Cabinet agencies – have provided even more information and details about their expenditures, including travel expenditures, expenditures for office supplies over $100, and contractual expenses over $100. Each Cabinet agency’s database is searchable, and will be updated monthly. Cabinet agencies are also each adding the database link to their own Web sites.


The governor said that these databases should serve as a starting point, and challenged all agencies to participate as well.


“We’ve long believed that transparency is key to voters’ ability to hold government accountable for the decisions it makes,” Gov. Sanford said. “This new site is all about providing another tool for our citizens to have the maximum amount of information in terms of how their government operates and how their tax dollars are being spent. I want to thank the Comptroller General and the folks over at sc.gov for their work on this front, and I’d urge every agency to do more in making more of this information available.”


“I’ve been working to open the curtains on government spending since I came into office,” General Eckstrom said. “Taxpayers have a right to know how their tax money is being spent. We’ll keep working to make this information even easier to access.  That’s one big reason why we need the new statewide computer system that we’re installing, so that we can provide better financial data than we’re able to provide with our thirty year old system.