id theft s. 453


  • The Financial Identity Fraud and Identity Theft Protection Act 

·        This legislation has been a priority for the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee for the past three years.  The Committee worked with the Department of Consumer Affairs, consumer groups, business leaders, industry specialists, SLED, and consumers who have been victimized in our efforts to draft a bill that will protect South Carolinians against identity thieves.

 ·        The bill includes protections that will shield our citizens from the devastating crime of identify theft.
 ·        Some of the provisions in the bill follow:
 Ø      Provides consumer the ability to place, remove or temporarily lift a security freeze on their credit report at no charge
Ø      Provides means for the removal of erroneous information on a credit report
Ø      Requires that consumer be notified by credit reporting agency if address given for credit is different than address on file
Ø      Provides consumer with the means to get a criminal charge dismissed if the crime was committed by a person who stole their identity
Ø      Establishes database of victims of identity theft at SLED
Ø      Provides mechanisms for protection of social security numbers
Ø      Regulates how a person’s social security number can be posted, displayed or communicated
Ø      Sets requirements for sanitization of public and business IT equipment before discarding and requirements for the disposal of printed data
Ø      Provides for notification to consumer of security breaches
Ø      Makes it unlawful for a person to rummage through or steal household garbageProvides for penalties, damages, attorney fees and costs for violations.