a shadow last week: Allie Walker

Allie Walker 


When I arrived in Columbia, I went to Sen. Kevin Bryant’s office. After we met, he took me to a Finance meeting. At this meeting we heard from a Highway Patrol Chief. He was telling the Sub-committee what the money they gave the HP last year did to further their program. They were able to add more patrol men and cars, but they still need more. We then heard from the SLED directors. They did not ask for much more funds (unlike the HP). The meeting was fun; I thought the meeting was going to be a little more serious than it was. It was serious, but it showed that our Senators also have a sense of humor! After the meeting, we went back to his office to get ready for a luncheon sponsored by the SCDA (South Carolina Dentist Assoc.). I met several more Senators at this luncheon as well as our LT. Gov. Andre Bauer. A few dentists spoke and then Lt. Gov Bauer, and after that we ate a wonderful lunch. We finished lunch and got ready for the Senators’  Floor meeting. This meeting was held to discuss new DUI laws. (I’m not sure what the new laws are, or what they were actually). A Senator’s assistant was retiring after 30 years of service so they had a “ceremony” for her before the discussion of laws took place. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Columbia with Sen. Bryant, though I am still undecided on my desire to be in politics. THANK YOU SEN. BRYANT FOR LETTING ME SHADOW YOU!