bill to target conservative donor

Sen. Glenn McConnell’s good friend, John Monk with the State Newspaper:

Bill aimed at out-of-state contributor
Multimillionaire generous to S.C. candidates

A state representative says he’ll introduce a bill to limit the influence of a New York multimillionaire and his nationwide network of deep-pocket political allies who have 265-monk-col-sig-photo_standalone_prod_affiliate_74.jpg265-monk-col-sig-photo_standalone_prod_affiliate_74.jpgcontributed thousands of dollars to S.C. candidates.

Rep. Herb Kirsh, a 30-year House veteran with a watchdog reputation, says his bill is aimed at Howard Rich, a New York millionaire linked to tens of thousands of dollars in 2006 campaign contributions to various candidates for the S.C. General Assembly and statewide office.

“I’m concerned one guy can put all that money in a race and get away with it,” said Kirsh, D-York.

Kirsh wants to limit the number of contributions a person can make through corporations.

Individuals can give $3,500 each election cycle to candidates for statewide offices, such as governor. The limit is $1,000 per election cycle for General Assembly races.

However, under a loophole in the state’s campaign finance law, a person with 10 corporations can give 10 times what an average person can. Full article