what’s in a name: Truth in Spending

Thursday morning (02.21.08) at 11:00 am we’ll have a press conference to unveil the bill calling for all government expenditures to be posted on the internet. Through blog posts and e-mails, I’ve got some suggestions on what to name the soon-to-be-filed bill.

Sunshine Legislation I posted last week:
“Stop Letting Government Define Freedom Act”
“Freedom of Information Reform Act”
“let’s make information free act”
“FOI system is broke let’s fix it act”

“Further Erase Home Rule Act”
“Reveal Economic Development Act”
“Give the Legislature More Reasons to Control Act”
“Give Bryant Another Bill That Will Never Pass Act”

“right for the taxpayer to know how his/her hard earned money is being spent act”
“reign in the leash on bureaucrats act”
“we’ve had more home rule that we can afford act”
“let’s hope Cindy Wilson has broadband act”

Thanks for all of the suggestions. The primary sponsor of the bill Sen. Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley) has chosen to name the bill “The Truth in Spending Act”. 

If you’d like to see an example of government gone wild click here

Thursday morning on The week in the Senate the topic was spending caps and transparency.