Why We Whisper, a book on free speech by Sen. Jim DeMint

“As one whose career is rooted in the First Amendment, I know how government imposition can strip Americans of our precious freedom of speech. Big government liberalism and a decline in our culture must be stopped. For ammunition in the fight ahead, read Why We Whisper.” Rush Limbaugh

     “I hope you have had the opportunity to read our book because it will give you the information you need to join the battle for our culture in America. Why We Whisper gives many examples of how our own government is promoting costly and destructive behavior. By encouraging and protecting destructive behavior by our citizens, our government has made it “right” to act in ways that hurt our culture and our country. Effectively, our government has taken away our right to say that some things are “wrong.” This is a clear violation of the freedom of speech for Americans who hold traditional views. And this is why we whisper when we say that some things are just plain wrong.
     Our book suggests a number of solutions, including encouraging Americans to speak out when government or their surrogates try to muzzle our freedoms. One recent example of an American standing up and speaking out was Andrew Larochelle, a 17-year-old Eagle Scout from Ohio. Andrew asked that a flag be flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of his grandfather. He also requested that the accompanying certificate read, “This flag was flown in honor of Marcel Larochell, my grandfather, for his dedication and love of God, Country, and family.”
     When Andrew received his flag, he was alarmed that “God” had been omitted from the certificate. Instead of whispering, Andrew and his Congressman, Michael Turner, took on the government. When the dust settled, Andrew was in Washington presenting the flag and the corrected certificate to his grandfather in front of a national media audience. And the government changed their policy about censoring “God” and religion from flag certificates.
     That’s just one of thousands of stories of the government, the ACLU or other para-government groups trying to intimidate Americans with traditional values. WE WANT YOUR STORY. Please use the website to log your story of intimidation or of Americans fighting back against intimidation. We will share many of these stories regularly on this website.” Sen. Jim DeMint