Federal Government Voucher Program

Now before you hyperventilate thinking this is a school voucher, it’s not. It’s a tv voucher. That’s right, the Federal Government is providing vouchers for a HDTV receiver, since this new format will be the only format transmitted starting February 2009.  Is it just me or does it seem awfully strange that the Federal Government is offering vouchers for HD receivers?  This may sound Ron Paulish, but does TV really meet the constitutional role of the Federal Government ranking up there with national security and interstate commerce? As a matter of fact, I would argue that the old boob tube has caused more detriment to our society than anyone would admit.  Excessive television could be linked to our nation’s obesity, laziness and demand for instant gratification. Experts agree that excessive television is contributing to ADD and ADHD.  Click here if you want to apply for up to two HDTV reciever vouchers.