commerce department: record-breaking year

The South Carolina Department of Commerce has release an impressive report announcing more than 15,600 new jobs and $4 billion in new capital investment; more than any year in the past.  This is great news for the state and neighboring counties.  Unfortunately, Anderson County is not mentioned in this report.  We’ve got to work together to continue to work those “soil conditions” in Anderson so next year, the report will include us.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – January 14, 2008 – The South Carolina Department of Commerce today announced that 2007 was another record-breaking year for the recruitment of jobs and investment to South Carolina. The numbers point to strong economic activity, large job creation levels in non-urban areas, world-class companies choosing to invest heavily in South Carolina, growth in the state’s manufacturing sector, and a diversity of industry investments. In 2007, the Department of Commerce was involved in recruiting 15,666 jobs and $4.045 billion in capital investment to the state. On average in 2007, the state saw either a new company decide to locate in South Carolina or an existing business commit to expand operations in the state more than three times each week of the year.The Department of Commerce’s recruitment of 15,666 jobs in 2007 shattered the recruitment record set in 2006 – which was also a record-breaking year – by more than 1,300 jobs. In the past two years alone, the Department of Commerce has recruited more than 30,000 new jobs to the state. Additionally, the recruitment of $4.045 billion in capital investment for 2007 surpassed the 2006 records by more than $1 billion.Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor credited Gov. Mark Sanford’s efforts to enhance the state’s business climate for much of the success in 2007. To read the full article, click here